Soon, their voices began to percolate through my red old jarrah-wooden door. I changed my sleeping position, rotated 180 degrees away from the door, and threw my cover cloth over my head to see if I could reduce the sound waves from balking my sleep.

I failed.

That was Abubakar…

One: Grad School Sounds Easy

During the spring term in 2019, I served as an ambassador of the Biochemistry Graduate Program at The University of Georgia. …


“To say of what is, that it is; or of what is not, that it is not, is true.”

I didn’t say that, Aristotle did, and what do I think? I think that is true.

Two: Does Truth Exists?

Let’s battle an assumption head-on, if we can define truth…

We do know for a fact that if you are born into a particular race today, at certain places in the world, or even certain places in an extremely tiny country, your chances of success can change dramatically.

Given that no one chooses where to be born, I believe, we…

One: The 2-ways of Knowing

Friends permit me to start with Hume’s fork [1].

He pontificated that there are two ways of knowing (justified propositions), 1) ‘ matters of facts’, and 2) the ‘ relations of ideas’. In the latter, he means logic, mathematics, proof and everything in between —…

Let’s be frank, forget about whatever you think, Satan is not ugly.

Satan is a very good-looking man (or woman, if you like).

In the Yoruba pantheon in West Africa, one of the gods that is widely believed to be analogous to satan is called Eshu (this is not quite…

I learnt of a story, told to me by a friend, he said he had asked a scientist in his lab — whom we shall call Mr. J. for now — if he believes in anything supernatural or supranatural for that matter. …

Free Time is De-Motivating — How to Stretch Your sp — Emails are Not Good For Your Health

I love to work, and I do a lot of things, so it is only rational that I spend a huge chuck of my time to think about how best to work…

Subtitle: Judging What We Do Not Know

This Low-Carb Thingy, My Keto Flu — 9/11 Averted by a US Politician — Nigeria 0 Croatia 2 — Barcelona’s Rakitic and Madrid’s Modric

This Low-Carb Thingy, My Keto Flu

Last week, I found myself in pains, just enough to make me feel…

I don’t know them.

I just stumbled on them in the bar.

I don’t know their names too, but they looked very African, west African to be precise, so I gave them two names akin to their looks. Orunmila and Omode.

Orunmila is the elderly. Very elderly. He had scanty…

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